Business Owners Need Advisors Like You

As an experienced Business Advisor would you agree most business owners...

  • want to improve their revenue / profitability.
  • have little / no formal business training (and are open to external advice).
  • lack the time / focus to work 'on' rather than 'in' their business.
  • rely on their accountant to 'look after' them.

As every experienced advisor, coach or consultant knows, lack of implementation results in a negative outcome. Regardless of fault, the 'advisor' is blamed, adversely impacting their reputation.

Business Owners Expect More Pro-active Support From Their Accountant, but… 

What they receive is focussed in the past.  Historic accounts, management reports and tax planning based on an uncertain vision for the future.

In many cases the 'business owner / accountant' relationship is flawed. We asked business owners their views;

  • almost 20% expected more proactive advice.
  • 30% were dissatisfied with the quality of the communication they receive.

Additionally, almost a third raise concerns about the perceived value of the services received.

Accountants are supremely well placed to offer Business Growth Advice.  They already have clients and  enjoy ‘Most Trusted Advisor’ status…  but most accountants lack the time, knowledge and systems needed to deliver Business Growth Advice as a ‘paid for’ service for clients.

What they need is you. However, they need more than advice, they need a system and support structure which makes ‘implementation’ happen.

As a Business Advisor you can see the 'bigger picture'

Without the 'financial blinkers' you are uniquely placed to offer a greater depth of insight across the broad spectrum of issues common in many businesses; regardless of size, service offer or industry.

How can Enquir3 help you unlock this potential?

Through our collaborative working with Virtual Finance Director, Risk Dashboard and Engagement Muliplier we can offer you the breadth of supporting evidence and insight to 'consult' on a array of business issues.

Are you open to new ways of expanding your consultancy practice?

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